My GCSEs So Far

Hey everyone!!

I’m back! Now, my original plan was to stay on hiatus until my exams were totally over but I REALLY wanted to blog and as it’s half-term, I thought I should put out a post. I put out a poll of what you’d like to see and this came out top so here we are.

So, GCSEs are something else. They don’t feel like the real thing for some reason which is strange. I think I was more stressed out for my mocks than these exams which is of course a good thing. At the moment, I have completed eight exams and I have now completely finished Art, Drama and English Literature.

Due to it being the first year of the new exams, nobody really has an idea about what is going on. Honestly, I’ve found the exams I’ve had so far really good, except Chemistry but that was a really weird paper. You can sort of tell as well that the exam boards don’t know what they’re doing either. The science papers are a mess, there are only two boxes for two digits AND one of my English Lit papers and my Drama paper were very nearly identical to specimen material. Like I said, a mess. If you’d like to here more about any individual exams, I always say on Twitter so look there.

I’m essentially half-way through my exams and that is weird. I’m super excited for the Summer and I have a lot of plans but there’s also an underlying sadness. After exams, a lot of people I’m really close to are moving school for sixth form or college which is weird. It honestly looks like the majority of my year is moving. These people that I have seen for like five years, I’ll never see again. My best friends are staying which is awesome but so many people are leaving. Perhaps this will give me the opportunity to make new friends and strike up old friendships. That’s something else I’m seeing, a lot of people have started to talk to each other, I guess because it’s the end. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of people that I don’t mind not seeing ever again but it’s still weird.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this new post. Keep a look out on here during June, just my advice…

Bethany x




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