Coming Out!

Hey everyone!

Now, today I wanted to talk about Coming Out as it is a thing that people in the LGBTQ+ community are faced with. In this post, I’m going to express my thoughts on coming out but be sure to comment your thoughts on it too.

So, as a person who is part of the community, I’m faced with coming out. Firstly, I want to say that nobody’s going to force you to come out but honestly, it is a freeing experience. At the moment, I’ve come out online and to my mum. That’s it. I mean, people like my best friend know but that’s only because she’s read my blog so technically it was still online.

Honestly, how do you do it? I want to come out to some of my friends but I honestly don’t know how. Do I slip it into a conversation? Like they’ll just be talking and I’ll suddenly be like, “hey, that’s so call and I’m a bi-romantic asexual!” I feel like it’s just awkward to slip it into a conversation. Like when will the opportunity arise? Will they just be talking about sex and I’ll spill it? If, I’m not going to slip it into a conversation, how do I start the conversation? Should I be all serious or joke around? See! Coming out is just awkward. It’s so much easier to do online but now I’m in a stuck place.

I haven’t even thought about coming out to my family. Who wants to help crush my family’s happiness? I don’t now ANYONE in my family who is in the LGBTQ+ community. My family is just straight so I’m here to jazz it up. But how do I do that? None of my family will know what my sexuality is and then I’ll have to do the whole explaining thing. To be fair, I don’t think my friends would know about it either. Why are asexuals forgotten? WHY?!

Umm, so yeah. I have no idea about how to come out. Straight people don’t have to come out, they’re just assumed they’re straight. Why don’t we make it that everyone has to come out? Even if you’re straight you have to come out. That’s fair, right?

That’s it for this post. Don’t forget to send in your questions for my Q and A for my post!

Bethany x


5 thoughts on “Coming Out!

  1. Arghh coming out is so hard!!!! I want to do it but like you I don’t know how to fit it into conversation without making it awkward. I have come out to one friend irl but it was via message and I didn’t intend to tell her I was just having a major identity crisis and she was concerned about me, but she took it well so that’s good I guess! I think as we grow up we’ll become more comfortable with our identities and hopefully coming out will seem less scary?? Tbh the thought of coming out to friends who have known me and assumed me to be “straight” for like 7 years feels weird, I think I might just start uni as being “out” so it’ll be less awkward 😂

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  2. It’s going to be a lifelong process of coming out.. don’t force it, but at the same time, like you said, the more you say it the easier it becomes. Find your support system and they will uplift you along the way. You got this!

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